Post-Christmas Work BluesThe run-up to Christmas in the office will undoubtedly be an exciting, yet frantic time. Spirits will be high as employees look forward to a well-deserved rest over Christmas and members of staff will be working hard to complete any outstanding work in time to enjoy the festivities.

But amid the festive celebrations will be the despondent realisation that, by the New Year, the feeling of merriment and cheer will soon fade, otherwise known as the post-Christmas blues. January even has its own day dedicated to this feeling, known as ‘blue Monday’, which is the third Monday of the month and has been found to be the most depressing day of the year.

It’s this dip in mood that makes for a buoyant jobs market come the New Year, with workers making good on resolutions to move on to bigger and better employment opportunities.

All of these factors combined mean that it’s often difficult for managers or HR departments to motivate – and perhaps more importantly to retain – their employees during the very real and difficult January slump. Happily, there are several ways that you can prepare for this inevitability:


Coming back into work after the Christmas break can be daunting, and you might dread the thought of the onslaught of emails and other necessary admin tasks in the wake of taking time out of the office. But this needn’t be the case, as simple organisation can help alleviate any of the panic and stress that the post-Christmas blues can induce. Taking a look through your diary the night before you’re due back in work will help you figure out what your first day back will look like, and setting aside some time of the day to catch up with colleagues and respond to emails will help you structure your day in the most productive way.

Mind Over Matter

The best chance you have of beating the post-Christmas blues is to arrive at work with a positive mental attitude; focusing on the opportunities of the year ahead will put you in a good position to tackle the challenges that January presents. Setting yourself goals for the New Year will also give you a boost of positive drive, whether that be a promotion, a pay rise, a new client or contract win.

Raise Morale

Raising your colleague’s morale will help to improve the overall environment in the office and put everyone in an optimistic frame of mind. Buying treats for the office or organising work social events will better create a sense of unity and positivity among the workforce.

The post-Christmas blues can be beaten by encouraging members of staff to approach the New Year with an organised, positive and encouraging outlook. January is a quiet month for many companies, but any lull in business should be approached in the same way as if employees were rushed off their feet; meeting the post-Christmas period with a proactive, positive and professional attitude will ensure that no member of staff is left feeling lacklustre and unmotivated following the highs of the festive season.

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