Recruitment Decisions: The Legal Sector

Recruiting in the legal sector

Following a strong 2014, legal recruitment has continued to prosper with the property law sector especially strong, followed by corporate and commercial law. Because of this, legal firms and organisations are locked in fierce competition with each other to secure the very best talent for their growing businesses.

However, in such a candidate-driven market, are law firms doing enough to attract the very best talent this country has to offer? The team at ep professional are often approached by legal clients looking for advice on how to seek out and retain the best candidates, and we wanted to share some of our learnings in this blog.

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The Rise of the Millennial Nomad

Blog-Image---1Once upon a time, remote working or telecommuting used to be a term that applied to sales roles based on the road or from home. However, thanks to the digital age, this is no longer the case. Step forward, the Millennial Nomad.

Millennial Nomad is the term used to describe those aged 18 to 34 who are taking the concept of work-life balance and flexible working to a whole new level. The availability of Wi-Fi coupled with the rise in mobile devices means that workers in a whole host of sectors no longer require a set office base and Millennials are certainly taking advantage of it.

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The Seven Most Stressful Jobs in the UK

Feeling stressed, anxious or apprehensive about going to work this morning? You’re not alone. Stress and depression in the workplace is on the rise, with more than half a million people thought to be affected every year, and it’s estimated that work-related stress and associated illnesses, such as depression, cost the UK economy over £12 billion.

The seven most stressful jobs in the UK are prison officers, serving members of the armed forces, police officers and fire fighters, social workers, commercial airline pilots, teachers, paramedics and nurses. And while the financial rewards for some of these jobs may be incentive enough, most workers in these roles do them because they have chosen a vocation.

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